The Team


Marek Makosiej

Managing Director and Founder

For over 15 years in the language industry, in the world of sound - even longer. Marek took almost all the possible steps in his translation career, from a successful freelance translator, through project and vendor manager to managing director of a translation company. A die hard fan of heavy music. Leader of an underground metal band in the 1990's. Self-recorded and self-released all the band's songs in 2012. He was not able to mix them in his project studio, so he hired a pro engineer to do that. He still can't decide who wins the Logic vs. Pro Tools battle and whether to switch from a control surface to a Mac default keyboard.


Natalia Weranis

Production/Senior Project Manager

Leading production activities in the translation company for 7+ years now. Demanding for linguists and other service providers, strongly believes in keeping deadlines and efficient communication with the client during the project. Founder of CONTRAD.COM, a Single Language Vendor (SLV) for the Polish language, a company that later evolved into CONTRAD - the mother-brand of ATL. A big fan of Lemmy & Motörhead, in love with Volbeat. Can even stand recording growling vocals at her home on Shure SM7B. A border-collie lover.


Emilia Turkowska

Project Manager

Musician's wife. That fact alone should explain why she joined ATL. We should hire the husband as well. No educated trumpet players at ATL so far so this is a tempting idea, indeed. Very wide dynamic range. Incredible presence. Sometimes loud like the loudness itself, especially when things get really hectic, but without any distortion. Hard-working keeper of deadlines and quality. Devoted fan of good music, from ska and reggae to classic rock. Unfortunately, not fond of death metal, which makes Marek seek ways to convert her.


Joanna Tarasiewicz

Project Manager

Able to multitask on several translation/localization projects at once. Talking to a DTP operator on the phone and explaining client instructions to an engineer at the same time on Skype. Loves timely project handoffs, deliveries and clear project instructions. Do-it-yourself and dance fan who likes Pink Floyd. Hears too much lows on Logitech headphones but yet to learn the attenuation techniques. Has a cat. And a CAT. A few of them, actually.


Joanna Smólczyńska

Project Manager



Grzegorz Rembisz

Technical Language Lead/Senior Translator

Translation industry veteran, engineer and linguist. Faster than lightning, more accurate that accuracy itself. A tool and technology lover. Biker and Dodge RAM owner. His Clarion usually sounds with Rage Against The Machine. Loves Behemoth's "Decade of Therion" alternative version. Addresses Marek Makosiej with his usual "Uncle". No one knows why, at least Marek doesn't.


Karolina Sarul

Business Development Manager

And don't forget the external team of linguists, engineers, DTP operators and consultants who make it possible for us to meet and exceed your expectations.