Machine Translation

Your company growth means more and more languages to be covered. With the expansion of the company, also the amount of content produced rises at a very fast pace. At the same time, your budget may not be as flexible in order to cover the increased demand. There is, however, a solution that may help you overcome this limitation both in terms of cost and volumes.

You might have already heard of Machine Translation (MT). Yes, in short it is something like Google Translate, but the process is more advanced and there are many engines apart from this one that enable you to achieve your goals this way. You can achieve greater turnarounds and significant cost savings with a proper PEMT (Post-Edited Machine Translation) process, but only with certain types of technical content, with certain types of applications, with certain languages and on certain quality terms.

To benefit from the advantages that Machine Translation offers, you need a reliable and trustworthy partner that will present a solution that will ensure that you stay within your budget, receive good enough quality and meet your business objectives.

ATL offers pro sound/audio product manufacturers a wide range of Machine Translation solutions customized both to the specifics of the industry as well as to the unique character and requirements of your company.