Language Technology

Gone are the times when translation meant paper and pen or an old typewriter. Great! (Although we do love analog gear.) Nowadays, in order to meet the rapidly growing volume and time expectations of global businesses, translation companies need to use various productivity tools to meet customers' expectations and provide them with the level of service they require.

Computer Aided Translation (CAT), Translation Memory (TM), Terminology Management and Machine Translation (MT) tools are all here at your service so that the user manual of your control surface, the user interface of the software for your plug-in expansion card or e-learning content for your virtual instrument reaches your customers within time and budget, without avoidable and unnecessary delays and cost raise. All consistent and with the expected quality.

Apart from translation tools, you can count on smooth production and project management thanks to our TMS (Translation Management System) that allows you to easily place quotes, submit and receive files as well as track the progress and finances of your projects.

You know the power of technology that you offer your clients speaking different languages in different parts of the globe. At ATL, we also offer the power of technology to our customers. This is technology that will enable you to achieve more faster and at a lower cost for all of your multilingual needs.