About Us

Audio Technology Localization (ATL) enables companies from the pro sound/audio industry to increase their global market share, increase their international customer base and reach local markets with their products all over the world.

Founded solely with the manufacturers and users of pro sound hardware, software and solutions in mind, by the actual users of those products, ATL provides translation and multilingual content management solutions to the world of sound.

By using our linguistic and technical services for their customers' benefit and in line with customers' expectations and needs, audio brands all over the world can expand their geographic range and increase revenue in a much faster and efficient manner.

Based on the experience and expertise of its mother company CONTRAD, the Language Service Provider of choice for many leading global companies in IT/networks, audio/video/photo, telecoms/mobile, electronics, multimedia/gaming/entertainment industries, coupled with a passion for pro audio gear, great sound and audio technology, ATL focuses exclusively on the needs of the sound/audio industry to provide the ultimate targeted service that other language companies dealing with all types of industries are not able to match in this particular area.

Founded by Marek Makosiej, a sound engineering fan and musician, while at the same time a language industry veteran, Audio Technology Localization (ATL) fills the gap between pro sound/audio manufacturers' needs and what they have been offered by the language industry so far, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on their global expansion by answering local customers' requirements globally. After all, it's all about happy (and returning) end-users.